About Us

Miraj Cinemas, a division of the Miraj Group, is one of the fast growing brands in the movie exhibition sector. With a motive of providing the best quality in cinema and entertainment Miraj Cinemas is aggressing towards better heights nationwide. We move further with the USP of providing and maintaining the best service level possible. We have theaters in Ajmer, Adipur, Neemuch, Vijayawada, Balaghat, Panvel and soon shall be coming in Kurnool, Gulbarga, Bhilai, Pathankot, New Delhi, etc.

MIraj Cinemas Ajmer

Located in the heart of the city, Miraj Cinemas has become the entertainment destination for the locals with a strong liking. 2-screen luxurious multiplexes embedded with state of the art technology and services along with a multi-cuisine food court, scary house and a gaming zone making it a complete entertainment paradise. The property was launched on 19th October, 2012.

Miraj Cinemas Adipur

Miraj Cinemas stands tall in the plains of Kutch with a 3-screen multiplex named Satyam Shivam Sundaram at Adipur. Rising as a popular choice for cinema among the locals, Miraj Cinemas focuses on providing customer satisfaction. The property was launched on 21st December, 2012

Miraj Cinemas Neemuch

Miraj Cinemas came up in the city of Neemuch with a 2-screen property loaded with the best of the industry’s amenities as well as the service standard. The property was launched on 23rd August 2013

Miraj Cinemas Vijayawada

Looking at the enormous craze for cinemas among the locals in the city Miraj Cinemas came up with a 2-screen multiplex at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Santhi - Prasanthi, the twin theatres were taken over, renovated and re-launched. Recording 100% occupancy on the launch day, Miraj Cinemas has gained a lot of popularity and liking with its quality in operations as well as services. The property was launched on 27th September 2013

Miraj Cinemas Balaghat

The first multiplex in the whole region of Satpura. Miraj Cinemas launched its multiplex in the city of Balaghat. With its impressive facilities and amenities, locals have been pouring in with excitement. The property was launched on 15th November 2013

Miraj Cinemas Panvel

Making its first presence in the city of Bollywood, Miraj Cinemas comes up with a single-screen theatre in New Panvel. Located in the heart of a posh residential locality, the cinema promises to serve the neighbors and locals with the best quality services and entertainment. The property was launched on 20th December 2013